Friday, August 6, 2010

It's all a matter of perspective!

I'm always amazed at how quickly my boys are growing up.  The fact that they are (almost) 4yo and 2-1/2yo means that every day they are going to say something that makes me laugh and probably cry (and most likely it's out of both love AND frustration!). 

Both little ones have grown up with Kevin's training and racing, so it's completely normal for Daddy to come home and pitch in with the night-time routine:  dinner, bath, brush teeth, read 2 books and then bed and THEN head out for his evening run or swim (or both). 

In fact my 2-1/2yo usually assumes that when Daddy is not in the same room that "Daddy running?"; which lately has resulted in my 4 yo's reply of "No... swim first, then bike, THEN run, right mommy?".

I love their enthusiasm and natural support.  Even though there are times when they see their Daddy come downstairs ready to head out, and tears start to flow (which I have to imagine make him feel a little guilty),  they are quick to accept that it's just part of his day.

Just this morning...I had the morning news on and the anchors were outside in front of the crowd.  My 4yo was so excited and said "Hey, Mom, it's like Daddy's race!".  At first I wasn't sure what he was talking about and then I realized that he was referring to the cheering throng of people behind the fence holding signs and banners, and I had to laugh.  And the fact that all morning they have been telling each other to "suck it up, buttercup!", has kept me in a great mood!

And despite the fact that I can become frustrated (only occassionally, of course) that I don't get to spend a lot of time with my hubby, or that house hold projects get put off... indefinetly, I have to say that I am SO happy that my boys are growing up in an active and healthy household!

In fact, my 4yo has expressed an interest in racing with his Daddy and we're going to participate as a FAMILY in an upcoming local race, St. Stephens Fun Run!  Perhaps in a few years Team Trapp will have a new member to support!

Oh, for those of you who are interested in what we decided for the Team Trapp t-shirts:  As of right now we think the kids are going to have "Suck it up buttercup" on theirs (since they have really embraced it!).  And the jury is still out for the adults...except for maybe my mother-in-law who may be wearing a shirt with ".....You'll live!" since that was her tag line when Kevin and his siblings were growing up! :-)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. Your going to take a family pic of all of you in your t=shirts, right? The day of the race? :-)

  2. Oh I love this post. I think it is really important to set a healthy example for kids! I hope I can do it too-your kids are lucky!! They will thank you one day. My sibs and I thank our parents all the time.

  3. Thanks! I will tell you though, that Kevin really has set the tone (and pace) for healthy eating. Which, right now consists of everything in the pasta (carb) family, so not too sure how healthy that is :-) However, the boys are super active and hopefully we can help that become their normal way of life.