Monday, August 30, 2010

A rose by any other name...

Ok, so maybe this isn’t a Shakespearean play, but Kevin received his official bib number last week (#739) and that is another step closer to the upcoming race! Ford Wisconsin Ironman in Madison, WI on Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010!!

This past weekend I was talking to a new found friend, @lisaontheloose (via email). She and I were writing about several topics, but the parallels of endurance training and success in corporate America came up. Mostly how committing yourself to such an undertaking and doing all of the activities required to ensure success is something to be proud of and really shows some moxie (for lack of a better word). And how that could easily translate to your professional career.

Hope she doesn’t mind me quoting her, but here’s what she wrote: “I think his triathlete training will be a huge asset. Shows he has a lot of energy, drive and commitment. He's not scared to take on a challenge.”

And after she wrote that, I was nodding my head and felt a little swell of pride in my chest (because we should all have realized by now that I’m living vicariously through Kevin). I agreed, and I hope that anyone out there who has publicly announced a dream that makes you a little sick to your stomach, can also relate.

So I started thinking of his training in terms of a job and how that might translate:

Goal setting
  • Setting the overall Goal and all those milestones necessary along the way.
Research and alignment of goals with company mission
  • It’s important to have a full understanding of the impact a project/job will have on the overall organization.
  • Does it fulfill the corporate MVV (mission, vision and values).
Planning/Organizational skills
  • Create task list and associated milestones to reach goal.
  • Regular and consistent checking to ensure that project is moving forward at the correct pace.
Creating and managing of a budget
  • Making sure your project doesn't break the bank, so to speak, and that your goals are met within the resource limits set.
  • Ensuring that the milestones are met and making any necessary tweaks along the way to ensure overall success.
Supervision and managerial tasks
  • Including those in adjacent or supportive departments within your company (Even though the primary person being managed/supervised is YOURSELF, you also need to look at those indirectly involved who can get in the way of meeting goals (family ;-))
When I think about all of the things that have gone into his training, over the many years; and especially this year, I recognize his desire to follow his personal dream. His commitment to see it through and his determination to be the best he can be….basically that he has found a passion! (Well, a second passion as I’LL always be his first passion, right?!).

Regardless of whether or not a goal is personal or professional, if there's no passion behind it, then the journey becomes all that more arduous. 

Kevin has decided to become his own "champion" and thereby has become our "family champ"!  Which I'm not sure where that leaves me....hmm....because another "Trappism" passed down generation after generation is "You're either house champ or house chump"...  (I'm learning there is no "gray" when it comes to competition in his family! ha!)


  1. Hi Amy - I couldn't respond via twitter because you are not following us. I wanted to let you know we are just getting started and you would be our first local blogger to register. If you follow us on twitter I can get you my email for more questions you may have. Nice blog by the way!

  2. Appreciate your reaching out and compliment on the blog! Your user name is not posted on your comment, so I'm not sure who I would follow on twitter. Feel free to send me a hello via twitter, and I'm happy to reply!

  3. Oh yeay! Glad I could "help." (Or whatever it was I did. heehee.) Love how you translated this into something a company recruiter can relate to. (Because I don't think alot of people realize what an amazing challenge and achievement something like this is unless they've done it themselves or are like you, and are supporting a partner doing it.)

  4. You were very helpful in that without our email convo, I wouldn't have thought of the post and correlation... Thanks for the comment!