Friday, November 5, 2010

Scary Fun Halloween!

Smurfin' Hot!
This Halloween season has been one of the best!  Now that our little guys are old enough to get into the "spirit" of Halloween, we've had such a great time picking out costumes, decorating pumpkins, and eating "scary good" treats that Kevin's whipped up for us!

Matthew was Darth Vader and spent the last month saying "Look I am your Father!" (Father pronouced "Faaver")

Michael was Buzz Lightyear and when 'in costume', he would shoot everyone and everything in site, with the imaginary laser button on his arm....That is until Kevin bought him a Buzz gun that had real sound affects, and since then, everyone has been turned into a zombie!

GreenMan and Smurf - post race

On October 17th, GO St Louis hosted their annual Halloween race in Downtown STL.  This year Kevin decided to participate (at the encouragement of his good friend Albers - shown on the right).  The weather was amazing, the costumes were fantastic and for the Trapp family supporters, the morning was TONS of fun!

Had I thought about it, I would have taken an autograph book to the race, and will definitely do so next year.  The boys had stars in the eyes as they were FACE 2 FACE with Superman, Batman, Mr. Incredible and every other super hero you can think of.  They walked around the downtown area giving high-5's and yelling out hellos to all of the masked super heros as they began and finished their race.

In fact, Matthew had the opportunity to meet Spiderman, after Spidey finished the race.  He came back a little disappointed though, when I learned that Spiderman wasn't wearing his mask.  The facts that this was not the REAL Spiderman, and that running a 10K wearing a mask is NOT the most comfortable, are lost on a 4 year old! ;-)

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